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Lhassane Asloun, Meknès, Morocco

Name: Lhassane Asloun
Lives in: Meknès, Morocco
Periods in Germany: Several, incl. via PAD, DAAD and the Goethe-Institut
Job: Managing Director of the Goethe-Haus-Meknès

During my stays in Freiburg, Bremen and Munich in Germany I mainly studied (German and sport) and attended further training courses. That helped me to find a good job and later to have a career.

I have spent more than two years in Germany in total. In Morocco I have been able to use my experience without any problem and I continue to do so today. At present I manage my two firms: the Goethe-Haus-Meknès language centre and the Goethe-Haus-Asloun college.

I like the German philosophy of life and especially the way the Germans love order and work hard at their jobs. What I don’t like is their fear of foreign things.

"The universities in Germany are more perfect than ours"

There are large cultural differences between Germany and my home country, because they are two different civilisations with completely different expectations and goals in life. There is also a tremendous difference in the universities – those in Germany are more perfect than ours.

International academic exchange has become a decisive factor in a globalised world. You cannot get by without it any more, and for this reason I insist on it. I am still in contact with friends and former colleagues and have established wide-ranging professional contacts with German firms. My aim is to be more competitive and make progress in my career.

Lhassane Asloun on the Alumniportal Deutschland

I am interested in exchanging information and ideas about topics such as project management, learning and teaching languages, educational projects, etc. In addition to the Alumniportal Deutschland, I am a member of the International German Teachers’ Association (IDV) and the Moroccan Association of Teachers of German (AMPA), and an honorary member of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Morocco.

September 2012

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