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Fortune Agbele on her best memories of Germany

‘I will always associate Germany with different kinds of delicious sausages and a great variety of bread. Furthermore, I had the chance to travel around Germany and Western Europe – that is one of my favourite memories.’

Ankita Phalke on her fondest memories of Germany

“In July 2015, I spent one month in Berlin with the help of a DAAD-scholarship. My favourite place in Germany is my flat in Kreuznacher Straße in Berlin-Steglitz, because I spent the best time of my life and met a lot of new people there. I would like to go back to Berlin and live in Steglitz.”

Enayat Safi on intercultural exchange

‘Differences in world views or lifestyles should be topics of dialogue rather than reasons for discrimination. The aims of intercultural and interreligious dialogue could be to develop a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practises, to increase participation and to foster freedom and equality.’