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Anjali Sinha on the differences between Germany and India:

‘People in Germany obey the traffic rules and stop at red traffic lights even when the street is completely empty. And they do up their safety belts even if they’re only driving a few metres. I found this discipline amazing, but in Germany it’s a normal phenomenon.’

Lives in: Jamshedpur, India
Country of origin: India
Period in Germany: July to August 1999 at the International Summer University in Marburg and two visits to Düsseldorf on business in 2005
Educational institution: Philipps-Universität Marburg
Occupation: Assistant Manager in corporate planning

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November 2015


1 December 2015

I so wish that people all across the globe obey traffic rules the way they're observed it Germany! After all, the intent is not to prevent oneself from a fine -- it's a question of one's safety and discipline on the roads.

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