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Maeve Killen on what she likes most about Germany:

“I couldn't help noticing how interested Germans are in other cultures and languages, and that aroused my interest, too. In Ireland, speaking several languages is no everyday matter, but in Germany people my age spoke a number of different languages. I was impressed.”

Lives in: Dublin, Ireland
Country of origin: Ireland
Stay in Germany: September 2012 to September 2013, in Berlin
Educational institution in Germany: ERASMUS student in the law faculty of Humboldt University in Berlin
Profession: Student

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December 2013


Maeve Killen
24 January 2014

It was a fantastic experience. I even found a group of people who meet every second week to speak Irish. There are members from all over the world who speak Irish, it's really wonderful! So, I got a chance to improve my German as well as keeping up my Irish during my year in Berlin.

Walber Pereira
13 December 2013

I really know this fantastic experience that you related as you stayed in Germany.When I left my country (Brazil), I felt that I would not get to stay in Germany, without crying to get back, but I did, just to accomplish my objectives and goals.Best regards and success in your career.(Professor Walber Pereira:Poet, writer, ufologist, professor, researcher...)

12 December 2013

I also liked how interested my German colleagues were. I cooked a typical meal from my country ZAMBIA and they loved it.

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