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Yulia Pashchenko on her first impressions of Germany:

‘In Germany there are a huge number of rules you have to follow, which you don't have in your own country (for example, separation of rubbish). All the preplanning seems to leave no opening for spontaneous decisions. And rationality crops up in almost all areas of life.’

Lives in: Taganrog, Russian Federation
Country of origin: Russian Federation
Period in Germany: August 2009 to December 2010 in Koblenz; July/August 2006 and July/August 2012 in Göttingen; May/June 2013 in Weimar
Educational and research institutions: Koblenz University of Applied Sciences (German Chancellor Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation); Goethe-Institut Göttingen
Occupation: Foreign language teacher

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September 2015


27 October 2015

hi good morning the is above notes i request further comments from different readers globally.

9 October 2015

hi good morning to you all participants in our community ; i have never been to germany but i have my former tutor in secondary school whom was my best teacher in bios who impress me think about such land of yours; thanksx; e m gakuba

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