September 2018


Brook Esseye
29 September 2018

Dear Segovia,
No doubt that every country should strive and make focused effort to expand modern energy access - electricity - and attain full coverage to all of its citizen. However, measuring the level of grid connectivity of a country in terms of the percent of total population may not give the full picture. For one Ethiopia size is equal to the sizes of Bolivia and Ecuador combined. In terms of population size, the population of Ethiopia is nearly four times that of Ecuador and Bolivia combined. Moreover, if we look at the length of high KV electric transmission lines, Ethiopia has 17,000 Km by 2016 and aggressively working to reach this length to 21,000 by 2020 whereas -googling Ecuador and Bolivia, I have found out they have total transmission length of 6000 Km. Statistics is like a miniskirt, what it hides is more than what it expresses. Cheers ;)

Dipl.-Ing. E. Segovia (expert Hydropower)
25 September 2018

How could that be that in Ethiopia over 50 % of the population are not greed connected ?? In Ecuador and Bolivia, poorest countries in South America, there is over 60 % connectivity - in Ecuador even 90 % .

25 September 2018

It is a good presentation. I would be grateful if at all we can set up the same type of presentation for my country Zambia.

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