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Join in and create the Alumniportal Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World

You might think: The fight against poverty and enough food to feed everyone, against exploitation of man and nature, for a good climate – these are all issues that do not really affect me. Moreover, only governments or multinational companies can make a difference. Really?

Luckily, there is the Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World of the United Nations, which tells us global citizens what we can do to affect change.

Some tips are simple and you may already be doing them. Others will require you to change or adopt new habits. But you don’t have to turn your life upside-down to be sustainable. Definitely not!

  • Level 1: What costs very little effort!
  • Level 2: Which habits can you change at home?
  • Level 3: What you can do outside your house!

Level1: Things you can do without effort

  • Share great ideas via social media
    Click the „share“-button in order to share great ideas on environment protection, fair working conditions, or more women’s rights in your networks.

  • Speak up
    Write politicians an email and ask them to engage in initiatives that don’t harm people and our environment 

  • Save paper
    Take notes if you see anything interesting online instead of printing it all. This saves paper!

Level 2: Things you can do at home

  • Saving energy
    Air-dry your hair and clothes instead of using a dryer. This saves energy!

  • Use cardboard matches
    Unlike gas-filled lighters, they don’t require any petroleum, and are hence better for our environment.

  • Eating less meet
    Meat production consumes much more resources compared to other food.

Level 3: Things you can do outside your house

  • Growing food at home in small spaces (Tip from Pedro Maximiliano Pantaenius)
    You can grow your own vegetables, like tomotoes, and herbs in recycled containers and regain more control of what you eat.

  • Avoid using plastics
    Buying food that is not packed in plastic and hence reducing waste. Moreover, avoid packing your shopping in plastic bags as you already brought your own bag.

  • Immunizing yourself and your children
    Prevention is better than cure. Make sure you and your children habe all vaccinations to protect yourself, your family and your community.

  • Going to the polls
    Support political representatives who stand up for sustainable growth and the well-being of people and the environment.

These are just a few ideas. There are many other things that you can do to play your part in achieving the SDGs. Small actions can have a big impact! Write us your suggestions and be part of it! We would like to update this list and thus show that everyone can make an impact with even small actions!

Taking part is very easy and this is how it works:

Post your tip and upload the photo (in jpg or gif format) in the group “Sustainability” and describe your tip with a small text.


Share your tip as a comment.

We are looking forward to receiving many good ideas and hints from you on how you play your part in achieving the SDGs! 

As a result we will have a “Lazy person’s guide” on the Alumniportal Deutschland “ – powered by Germany-Alumni!

November 2017


Ana Riza Mendoza
26 October 2017

1. Let simple vegetables/fruits grow in a pot or within your backyard. One example is to simply put rotten tomatoes in a pot or drop them on the earth within your backyard, they will surely grow on their own!

2. Save energy at home. Unplug all electrical equipment/appliances when not in use such as cellphone chargers, TV, electric fans, ovens, kettles, speakers, heaters, etc. Also, turn off lights when they are not needed. You'll surely lower your bills too!

3. Conserve water. Use a drinking glass when brushing your teeth. Check out for leaking faucets too!

Seynabou Fachinger
25 October 2017

Dear Jeremy Balondo,
Thank you very much for sharing your lazy idea ;) on the Alumniportal - it's great to hear that you took over this simple advise from your grandfather and that it works and resists todays climate challenges.
We will definitely take it up in the guide.
Best regards on behalf of the Alumniportal Deutschland Team!

Jeremy D. Balondo
25 September 2017

Plant a just 1 banana a year... (hope this is lazy enough). This was the advise from my great grandfather. I saw the practicality and the efficiency of this idea when I put this into practice. Matured banana has unlimited suckers which will be planting materials and replacement for those that bore fruit. Low maintenance and the dried leaves fertilized the plant. This plant is resistant to long dry season and grows back easily after a strong storm.

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