Results of the Alumniportal Deutschland Survey

Evaluation of the survey from July 05 - 24, 2018
Participants: 3.127 members (Alumni) and subscribers of the newsletter of Alumniportal Deutschland from 142 countries.

Thank you very much to all participants!

August 2018


Adel Y Rizk
30 June 2019

Alumniportal in 190 countries are a culture Oasis in the whole world .
1. We learned" Cultural management" ONline course with MOOC program in cooperation with Goethe Institut.

2. We were involving with " Climate Change" ONline course run by several technical universities in Germany , Max Planck Institut in Hannover and a monthly events arranged by DAAD following us in different countries in the world .

3. Another study for " The UN 17 Goals for improving the World image by the year 2030"

4. Also there are teaching Deutsch Sprache courses ONline .
5. The specialised Email network invited most of the trainer and the Arbeitgeber to know each other .

Poonam Pant
24 May 2019

Alumni are important to connect us past and future activities and new updates and more ..Happy to be a part of Alumni

10 August 2018

@ Manas Kumar Bhadra: Thanks for mentioning the BMZ Stipendiaten. Alumni are important as facilitators between Germany and their country. They bring in their experience and contribute to the success of their home country.

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