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Call for Papers: What does Cultural Leadership mean to you?

You are an arts management practitioner, a researcher or educator working in the field of arts management or you identify yourself as “cultural leader”?

The Arts Management Quarterly and the Institute for Arts and Media Management at Hamburg’s University of Music and Theatre would like to invite papers on “What does Cultural Leadership mean to me?” from arts management practitioners as well as researchers and educators working in the field of arts management. Arts Management Quarterly is dedicated to a visionary, exemplary and cutting-edge cultural sector that is open for new theoretical and practical approaches also from the non-western world.

Submission deadline is September 9th, 2018.

The term “Cultural Leadership” seems to be trending. Universities increasingly offer study programmes with that name, academic associations organize conferences around the term, funding bodies of arts organisations send employees on expensive training programmes with this label.

Articles are expected to not only give a personal interpretation of the term “Cultural Leadership”, but to also reflect on the question how the concept’s meaning has been shaped in the specific local context of the author and what this implicates for his or her practice of arts management.

The abstract for the proposed article should not have more than 500 words.

You can send the articel as well as a short bionote until the 9th of September 2018 to office(at)artsmanagement.net.

The editorial board of Arts Management Quarterly will let the authors know about the publication decisions by September 23rd. The final contribution should be submitted by November 5th, 2018.

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August 2018