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E-learning course on “Climate Change, Risks and Challenges”

Start date: 1 October 2017
Course load are 30-50 hrs. The course is self-paced and free.
The complete content will be available for two years.

What is this course about?

Climate change exists. The first signs of change are clearly evident. Extreme weather conditions around the world are becoming increasingly frequent and the Arctic ice is disappearing. The temperature increase can be felt in our everyday lives.
These and other phenomena will intensify and have a more or less drastic effect on our living conditions. Our climate is our future. The changes in our environment are disconcerting and raise a few questions ...

  • Can we adapt to the impacts of this event?
  • How can we interpret these and similar observations?
  • To what causes can we attribute the changes?
  • What predictions can we possibly make?
  • What can I myself do?

A group of leading German scientists from renowned research facilities asks these questions here in our MOOC.


You don't need any specific prior knowledge. General interest in the topic and the desire to gain scientific knowledge and new insights, and to meet interesting people would help.

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September 2017

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