Mind the Gap: How Covid-19 Holds Women Back

The Virtual Coffee Break on the Alumniportal Deutschland

Topic: Covid-19 and Gender Equality

In December alone, the US reported 140,000 job loses, comprised entirely by women. Despite a global pandemic, in the last year men have seen raises, promotions and even higher rates of research publication, while women have dropped out of the workforce at alarming rates. So how do we work together to help ensure women don’t keep falling behind? What can be done right now, not just after the pandemic, to help women continue pursuing equality in spite of Covid-19?

Join our discussion as we talk about what’s holding women back and help us figure out how together we can try to turn this tide.

When: 18th March 2021, 3:00- 4:15 pm (CET)

Event language: English

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  • Liz Schuelke Liz Schuelke

Liz has spent over a decade organizing communities, building international partnerships and empowering women in leadership. In 2018, Liz moved to Germany as an German Chancellor Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to work on Women in Leadership. In cooperation with the Stiftung Mercator, she interviewed over 2 dozen women in senior leadership roles across German government and non profit. Her project culminated in a Townhall Event: Frauen auf dem Weg nach Oben, which brought together Leaders and early career women to facilitate sharing best practices and network building. Currently, Liz is the CoFounder of Bloom, a financial literacy startup aimed at women helping women achieve financial independence. Once in a while, you can catch her on DW News talking about the transatlantic relationship and what’s even happening in DC.

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The Virtual Coffee Break is an interactive format that takes place regularly on the Alumniportal Deutschland. Speakers are Germany-Alumni who give a short input presentation on various topics and then answer questions from the participants and facilitate a discussion. To enable exchange and fruitful discussions, the number of participants is limited.This is an exclusive event for the members of the community. Alumniportal Deutschland membership (free of charge!) is required to participate. The Virtual Coffee Breaks take place as Zoom meeting. Participation is also possible via a web browser (preferably Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome) and without a Zoom account.

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