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The Digital Fishbowl on the Alumniportal Deutschland

Most of us like to talk about our achievements. Failures, however, are rather kept secret. In many societies failure is still a taboo. Success is considered valuable, whereas failure is met with shame. We have all failed at some point in our lives. Despite the weeks, months or even years of work and preparation some goals stay out of reach.

To acknowledge one's mistakes is an essential step towards success. Failure is an important part of life – however painful it might be. But we can only learn and grow from our mistakes, if we face them unapologetically. We have invited some Germany alumni who are brave enough to share their stories about failure. We would also like to hear your experiences: Where did something really go wrong for you, a project, a plan, an application….? How did you deal with it? And what did you learn from the failure? These are only some of the questions we would like to discuss with you during our next digital fishbowl on the Alumniportal Deutschland. Feel free to join the discussion with our host and Germany alumna Aigul Zhalgassova. You can find more information concerning the event format further below. #byalumniforalumni

When: June 24, 03:00–04:15 pm (UTC+2)

Event language: English

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  • Aigul Zhalgassova Aigul Zhalgassova

Aigul comes from Kazakhstan and is an alumna of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and the German Academic Exchange Service. She is currently working for a German industrial company. Aigul attends often conferences and writes short notes with the "Take home messages". She used to work as a moderator as well. Aigul has her own blog and also writes for the Alumniportal Deutschland as a guest author.

Who is attending the fishbowl discussion?

  • Matthew Thaokhamlue Matthew Thaokhamlue
  • Rex Parro Rex Parro
  • Amanda Henson Amanda Henson
  • This can be you This can be you

An agile Product Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the digital health industry. Skilled in IT project management, customer handling, UX design, quality assurance, risk management, and process improvement.

Experienced Farmer with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry. Skilled in Budgeting, Photography, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking, and English. Strong operations professional with a Master of Science - MS focused in Agricultural Sciences and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics from The University of Bonn.

Amanda is an alumna of Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg from USA. Actually, she is working as TCA Officer for the German National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation at DAAD German Academic Exchange Service.

Write us an email at info@alumniportal-deutschland.org if you would like to become part of the discussion and share your experiences on the topic with the other participants.

About the format

The Digital Fishbowl is a new, interactive event format on the Alumniportal Deutschland. It aims at making every participant a speaker! A fishbowl is comparable to a panel discussion, but much more interactive. The fishbowl starts with initial statements on a topic by a small group of speakers. The moderator then opens the discussion and anyone can join the fishbowl panel to express her or his opinion. If someone new enters the panel, someone else leaves the panel so that there are always four to five people in the fishbowl. At best, every contribution ends with a question or statement that the next speaker can refer to.

This is an exclusive event for the members of the community. Alumniportal Deutschland membership (free of charge) is required to participate. The Digital Fishbowl is held on MS Teams. Participation is also possible via a web browser (preferably Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome) and without a MS Teams account.

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