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Photo competition “2030 Agenda: Take a look – Get involved”

“What I don’t know won’t hurt me” – this is a popular German saying. It means that we try to avoid unpleasant things by not knowing too much about them and looking the other way. But that is not the solution for our world’s future! We all know in theory that something has to be done – but do we really look at the problems, or do anything to solve them?

With our 2017 photo competition, we would like to show that the urgency to reach the goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda remains high. And that every day, millions of people and animals as well as our environment are suffering under the current situation.

Taking part is very easy

1) Join the Alumniportal group for the photo competition “Agenda 2030: Seht her – Macht mit” and upload your photo under “files” (in the formats jpg or gif).

Please note: In order to meet the quality requirements for an exhibition, your photo should be submitted in the optimal quality with a resolution of at least 2,362 x 2,126 pixels (approximately equivalent to a 5 megapixel camera).

Upload now

2) Enter a short text for the uploaded photo (in the file description box):

  • First name and surname of the photographer
  • Country of origin
  • Location and title of the photo
  • Quote: A short statement about why you chose this image specifically and why achieving the SDGs is important to you.

NOTE: Please also add the following text in the file description box for the uploaded photo!

“I assure that I own all rights pertaining to this photo and I agree to the use of my photo for various photo activities of the Alumniportal Deutschland and its co-operation partners.”

The deadline for entries is 30 September 2017.

Take a look – Take a photo – Join our contest!

Take a look around you and take a photo that will show the global alumni community the biggest challenge in your city or your country, and where you think the need for action is the most urgent: Is it air pollution, chaotic traffic or the divide between the rich and the poor? Is it health hazards, the marginalisation of certain segments of the population or food waste? Is it an inadequate education system or the lack of jobs with decent pay?

With the 2017 photo competition and the help of your photos, we would like to show who and what needs our involvement where and how. The Sustainable Development Goals should not remain mere theory, but rather be seen as a very practical necessity that each and every one of us is responsible for.
A jury will select the most expressive photos from among all submissions. These photos will be presented in various locations as part of an exhibition entitled “The 2030 Agenda: Take a look – Get involved”.

The photographers whose pictures are selected for the exhibition will enter a raffle for participation at the “Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development” in Germany (Bonn) in 2018.


Alumniportal Deutschland – Redaktion
18 September 2017

Dear Lukhanyo Kweps,

you can upload your photo even if it does not meet the ideal quality. If your photo will be selected by the jury we will see in which format it can be exhibited.

Good luck and kind regards,

Alumniportal Deutschland – Redaktion

Lukhanyo Kweps
14 September 2017

Greetings . So if the quality of the photo does not meet the requirements of pixels ? What will happen

Susan Mwangi
4 September 2017

our animals are endangered by human activities that can be controlled through suitable measures, lets all take part in this. where they cant speak for themselves lets be their voice, speak up on behalf of our animals.

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