Do we all have to learn to code?

The Virtual Coffee Break on the Alumniportal Deutschland

Topic: "The future of work"

In any discussion with friends or acquaintances about the future of work, the topic of digitalisation is bound to come up at some point. This issue is so omnipresent that some people are starting to wonder: will IT specialists soon be the only job-seekers in demand everywhere, while all other professions lose significance? Will jobs only be created in the technology sectors? Must we therefore learn programming in order to be fit for the future?

Join us in a virtual discussion with the DAAD Alumna Dr. Marija Stambolieva, who takes in her research work a deep look at the developments in the workplace and the predictions made by experts concerning the future of work.

When: December 17, 15:00 - 16:30 (CET)

Event language: English

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  • Dr. Marija Stambolieva Dr. Marija Stambolieva

Dr. Marija Stambolieva is a research associate and lecturer at the University of Osnabrück, where she is coordinating the development of an up-to-date curriculum in mechanical engineering against the background of digitalisation. She writes a blog about digital topics, the future of work and lifelong learning, and has been funded by the DAAD three times: first during her master’s degree at the University of Hamburg, then for a research stay and finally to complete her doctorate at the University of Kassel.

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The Virtual Coffee Break is an interactive format that takes place regularly on the Alumniportal Deutschland. Speakers are Germany-Alumni who give a short input presentation on various topics and then answer questions from the participants. To enable exchange and fruitful discussions, the number of participants is limited.

This is an exclusive event for the members of the community. Alumniportal Deutschland membership is required to participate. The Virtual Coffee Breaks take place as Zoom meeting. Participation is also possible via a web browser (preferably Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome) and without a Zoom account.

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