Web seminar on Sustainable Commerce

Within the framework of the 2030 International Agenda, outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, both business and consumers have adopted new paradigms regarding production, business and consumption habits, taking into consideration the social and natural environment.  Compared to the traditional approach, sustainable commerce considers new standards, building constructive relationships between all the stakeholders (producers, business and consumers). The global understanding of these innovative standards and the commitment to them will support integral and significant changes in our society.

The DAAD Alumni Mendoza invites you to our next webinar on Sustainable Commerce, where our speakers will discuss these new paradigms in relation to issues such as marketing, food industry and working conditions. 

Date: June 14th 2021

Language: English

Time: 9:00 hs – 10:30 hs. (ARG) / 14:00 – 15:30 hs (GER)


  • MSc. Cécile Meier: Sustainable Marketing: how to be an authentically and transparent brand?
  • MSc. Ana Stoddart: Sustainable Standards: what are voluntary sustainable standards?
  • MSc. Carolina Galiotti: Sustainability and working conditions in global supply chains.


  • PhD. Sebastian Riera Yankeliovich

This web seminar is organized by DAAD Alumni Mendoza.

Supported by Alumniportal Deutschland and DAAD

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MSc. Cécile Meier

MSc. Ana Stoddart

MSc. Carolina Galiotti

  • Moderator Moderator

Sebastian Riera Yankeliovich, Ph.D.

The recording of web seminar

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