Wanted: alumni as guest authors!

Do you enjoy writing and/or filming with your camera? Are you keen to share your experience and knowledge? Excellent! We are seeking dedicated, reliable and creative guest authors who would like to produce exciting articles for Alumniportal Deutschland. 

What are we looking for?

We want interesting contributions written or recorded by talented alumni from around the world with whom we can collaborate on a regular basis. Ideally you will be an active member of an alumni association in your country or your city.

Whether you create portraits of alumni or interviews with representatives of German organisations, give insights into your everyday work, submit reports on alumni events and projects or articles on regional, social or scientific topics: contributing to Alumniportal Deutschland will allow you to gain journalistic experience, market yourself, provide reading or viewing material for the members of the portal and offer other alumni the benefit of your knowledge. You can also moderate a subject-specific or regional group in the Alumniportal Deutschland community if you like.

We will help you with editing, proofreading, search engine optimisation and formatting, and can assist with video editing if necessary. In addition we offer regular training courses.

If you are interested in working with us, please e-mail us at redaktion(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org with a link to your Alumniportal Deutschland profile and a few sentences describing your motivation or outlining your proposed topic and explaining what you would like to write about. Feel free to include links to articles in German or English that you have previously published.

We will get in touch with you!

What’s in it for you?

  • You gain valuable journalistic experience.
  • You get advice from a professional editorial team.
  • You gain access to a wide readership in Germany and around the world on Alumniportal Deutschland.
  • Your articles are distributed in the alumni community, in our newsletters and on social media.
  • You are named as the author of your article. And we will link to your website, your blog or your profile on Alumniportal Deutschland.
  • As a guest author for Alumniportal Deutschland you will receive access to exclusive events held by German organisations in your country/at your location.
  • Your articles serve as important samples of your work for your future projects.
  • And last but not least, your knowledge, experience and reporting will be helpful to many alumni. 

Who is eligible to apply?

We are open to contributions from students or alumni who would like to collaborate with us and have interesting, authentic and original content to offer.  

Guidelines for guest articles

  • The proposed content must be a genuine work and not have been previously published in other media.
  • The proposed subject matter should be of interest to our target group or fit with the range of topics covered by Alumniportal Deutschland. We are particularly interested in stories. • Articles should consist of at least 1,000 and no more than 6,000 characters.
  • In terms of language, the articles should meet the following basic requirements. Please bear in mind that you are writing for people whose native language is neither English nor German.
    • Simple, clearly structured language
    • No long sentences
    • Short, concise paragraphs of no more than six lines are ideal.
  • Language: German or English
  • Related video, images or graphics welcome
  • We also reserve the right to edit guest articles. The usage rights for the submitted content lie with Alumniportal Deutschland.
  • Please note that we will choose from the submitted items and cannot publish every contribution.

Topics and activities that are (currently) of interest to us

These are some topics on which you may wish to focus. Of course you can also submit your own suggestions.

  • Higher education and further training
  • Science and research
  • Jobs and careers
  • The German language
  • Sustainable Future
  • Agenda 2030
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Find out here about our regular web seminars on basics and styles of journalism

June 2020