Call for participation: German(y) connects us

26 September is European Day of Languages. We want to celebrate this day with a video in our Community! And we need your participation and contributions to produce this video! Given that you all have a connection to Germany, we want you to tell us your favourite German word.

How can I participate?

Please send us a short video clip of yourself (in German or English) in which you name your favourite German word, and possibly also explain why you have chosen this particular word.

Technical specifications for the video:

  • Format: landscape
  • Duration: 10 –15 seconds
  • Highest possible resolution
  • Unedited

Please send us your video by Friday, 5 August 2022 to Please also inform us of your home country when you send us the material.

By submitting a video, you confirm that you agree to Alumniportal Deutschland publishing it under your name and using it for public relations purposes.

We will collect all contributions and produce a video that will be released via the Alumniportal channels on the European Day of Languages. We look forward to receiving your videos! Many thanks in advance for your contributions.

We will collect all contributions and create a video, which we will publish in the channels of the Alumniportal by end of May. We are excited to receive your photos and videos! Thank you for your contributions already!

Tips and tricks for creating a successful video clip


  • Natural light is best and should ideally fall on your face: you could for instance position the smartphone in front of a large window so that your face and the background are well and evenly lit.
  • Light coming from above or from just one side is suboptimal.


Preferably choose a neutral, bright, harmonious video background – a white wall isn’t always advantageous, but the viewer may be distracted if there’s too much going on in the background.



  • Please start the recording, get into position and then leave a short pause before speaking (around 5 seconds). Once you have given your answer, please also leave a pause before ending the recording. This facilitates post-editing of the video.
  • It is important to make eye contact with the viewers, so be sure to look at the lens rather than the smartphone screen.
  • If you start to falter or misspeak, you can simply pause for a moment and then repeat the sentence.

July 2022