Call for Participation - Your contributions on the subject of equality

Let your creativity run wild and tell your story about equality in a format of your choice. A great prize is waiting!

What is it all about?

The issue of equality has many dimensions. Let us just look at the 2030 Agenda with its 17 goals, which aim for a fairer and more sustainable world and way of life. Many of them want to achieve more equal opportunities and equality and promote diversity. When we talk about equality, we immediately think of different topics and areas as well as different communities, such as gender equality, equality between generations, between states, for religious groups, for minorities, for social groups, with regard to nutrition, health, education, language, infrastructure, climate and much more. This list could go on for a long time… #equalityforall

How can I participate?

We want to hear your stories – be it on your favorite project in which you work for greater equality on a professional or voluntary basis or your personal experience connected to the topic.

Possible topics
With your contributions, we want to concretize and examine different areas and dimensions of equality, e.g. political, social, economic and cultural aspects. We also want to give you the opportunity to tell inspiring, personal stories.

Possible formats
We would like to address this broad topic in as many different forms of presentation as possible. You can therefore submit reportages, reports, portraits, photo essays or short videos. Maybe a completely different format comes to your mind - we look forward to your ideas!

Check our tips for storytelling and shooting videos by your yourself!

The submission deadline has passed and the voting is completed. We will announce the winning story soon.

What is the prize and how will the winner be selected?

The winning story is visualized in a professionally drawn comic strip, which will be published on the Alumniportal. The editorial team of the Alumniportal makes a pre-selection from all submitted contributions. Up to ten of the best contributions will then be published on the Alumniportal Deutschland. The final vote is done by the community. The decision is binding for all participants and cannot be contested.

Conditions of participation

Texts and photos
Written contributions should comprise 7,000 characters maximum. Please send us at least one suitable, high-quality photo for your written contribution, which we can publish on the Alumniportal Deutschland. Copyright issues should be clarified in advance and the pictures labeled accordingly (photographer and picture title). All persons who can be seen in your pictures must agree to this.

Videos should take 2 minutes maimum, but can also be shorter. All the people seen in your video must agree to this.

Contributions by Germany alumni can be submitted in German or English.

Copy right
You may not use copyright protected music and pictures you downloaded from the internet. Music that can be used in videos can be found on websites such as However, this music should not be incorporated lightheadedly. Please, first read how to properly utilise the media and disclose the author and the source at the end of the video.

If you submit a contribution, you agree that the Alumniportal Deutschland may publish your work with your name and use it for ist public relations work. By submitting a contribution, you agree to all conditions of participation.

Closing date
The deadline for submitting contributions was April 12, 2020.

Contact for questions


  • I briefly introduced myself and my topic.
  • My text is 7,000 characters maximum long.
  • My video is two minutes maximum and filmed in landscape format.
  • I properly labeled music and pictures.

March 2020


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23 March 2020

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Nedelka Saavedra
21 March 2020

I want to participate in this Prize. Haw can i make this

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