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Apply now: AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellowship 2019-2021

The fellowship programme targets highly qualified young professionals and junior executives from Sub-Saharan Africa with several years of work experience, strong leadership qualities and a high level of dedication. AFRIKA KOMMT! is an initiative of German industry for future leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa and offers the opportunity of a one-year experience in Germany, including an eight-month internship in a leading German enterprise.

The programme
19 leading German enterprises founded the initiative AFRIKA KOMMT! in the year 2008 - the very first joint-initiative for capacity building by German industry. At the heart of the AFRIKA KOMMT! fellowship program is an eight-months practical training in a leading German enterprise benefiting both, fellows and partner companies - a classic win-win situation: 

The programme fellows benefit through

  • gaining first-hand practical experience in a leading German enterprise
  • being exposed to leadership concepts and management techniques in practics
  • becoming acquainted with working processes and business culture in German enterprises
  • extending their international management competencies
  • initiating networks of cooperation partners between Sub-Saharan Africa and German companies

The partner companies benefit through

  • establishing networks of cooperation and trust in promising future markets in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • extending their experience with the working and business culture in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • improving their knowledge about cultures, markets, countries etc. in Sub-Saharan Africa

Who can apply?
The AFRIKA KOMMT! fellowship programme aims at highly qualified, self-driven young professionals 

and junior executives from Sub-Saharan Africa with several years of hands-on work experience, strong
leadership qualities and a very high level of commitment and dedication.

Besides the specific technical expertise relevant to the partner company, the programme requires candidates
to have the following set of general skills and attributes:

  • Language and communication skills
  • Excellent English skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • High willingness to learn German

Professional skills:

  • High leadership potential
  • Strong self-motivation and self-starter mentality
  • High level of dedication, commitment and target-orientation
  • Strong capacity for teamwork

Personal attributes:

  • High level of enthusiasm, flexibility and resilience
  • Outstanding intercultural competencies
  • Ability to adapt to new environments quickly

For more information regarding the requirements for application please check the application guide.

Deadline for applications is 11 January 2019.

Further information: Call for application on the Afrika kommt! website


Bettina Onyango
13 February 2019

Dear Shakirah Atukunda,

Thank you for your comment. Please check with the organizer the possibility to complete your application documents and write an email to afrika-kommt@giz.de.
Wish you well!

Atukunda Shakirah.
13 February 2019

Hallo Afrika kommt.
Ich heiße Atukunda shakira
Ich bin 25 jahre alt
Ich komme aus Uganda
Ich wohne Kampala
Ich spreche sehr gut Englisch und ein Bißchen Deutsch
Ich bin Buchhalterin von Beruf
Ich arbeite als kassierer am GVL in kampala .
Ich lerne Deutsch in Goethe zentrum institute in kamwokya inder bukoto straße.
I have A1 certificate of Germany language from Goethe zentrum institute,kamwokya.
I applied for Afrika Kommt fellowship 2019-2021
And I have basic knowledge on German language . But when I was applying I didn't attach my certificate of A1 certificate of Germany language.
Please anyway out I can attach it so that I can greatly stand achance because I have all the criteria required .
I am 100% interested and I would love to join and be successful .
I am looking forward to hear from you.

12 February 2019


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