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Hrvoje Kozmar from Croatia is still benefitting from the scientific contacts he made in Germany.

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How climate change is making us sick

Studies reveal that climate change is not only changing our environment, it is also having an impact on our bodies and is influencing our mental health. The good news is that each one of us can counteract this.

Humboldt Cities

Initiative for liveable cities

The 'Humboldt cities: research, practice, cases' initiative links academic research and practical implementation in the contemporary fields of urban and regional planning. It focuses on issues relating to sustainability.

Episode 3

Green roofs and climate change

The material used to construct buildings and roads such as concrete, iron, glass and asphalt accompanied by the lack of greenery in urban cities make these places particularly hot. Green roofs are a climate-responsive design with the potential to mitigate climate change effects. Join us in today's episode to learn about green roofs in urban cities.

Diversity to combat climate change

Climate change can only be solved on an interdisciplinary basis. International climate protection scholarship holders at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (the 2021/22 cohort) have therefore created a network in which experts from all faculties can exchange ideas about various aspects regarding climate protection. They also plan to publish podcasts that will raise public awareness of the topic.