Science & Research

Hrvoje Kozmar from Croatia is still benefitting from the scientific contacts he made in Germany.

New Articles and Interviews

Citizen science: citizens as researchers

Research projects like Icarus and the Animal Tracker app involve lay people in giving animals a future. Project manager Martin Wikelski from the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour explains how it works.

DAAD postdoc AI tour

AI talents for Germany

The DAAD has a new networking format designed to get young international AI talents enthusiastic about Germany as a research location. The first tour was held in the form of a virtual event. Fellows and researchers speak about the experience.

Interdisciplinary research

The Jane of all trades of research

Interdisciplinary research has long been viewed critically by many. Our guest author Aruna Dhathathreyan has worked interdisciplinary her whole career. Here, she reports on the challenges she faced – and explains why this has motivated her to work hard to create her own ‘identity’.