Podcast: Climate Beyond Borders

Climate Beyond Borders podcast series is a space where researchers from developing countries discuss climate change impacts and share their expertise to provide potential solutions. Hop on and be part of an informed community that can optimistically be ready to tackle climate change.


Episode 2

Footprints of drought

Droughts bring in a drastic and long-term impact on local communities, including damage to crops and a shortage of drinking water. These effects can lead to devastating economic and social disasters, such as famine, forced migration away from drought-stricken areas, and conflict over remaining resources.

About the "Climate Beyond Borders" network

The Climate Without Borders initiative addresses climate change issues outside of regional boundaries. The networks members come from various disciplines and strive to use their knowledge to look at the climate change problem holistically. The networks vision: “We envision a society where every individual has access to scientific evidence-based information and can engage, co-create, and collaborate beyond borders to address climate change issues”


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Diversity to combat climate change

Climate change can only be solved on an interdisciplinary basis. International climate protection scholarship holders at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (the 2021/22 cohort) have therefore created a network in which experts from all faculties can exchange ideas about various aspects regarding climate protection. They also plan to publish podcasts that will raise public awareness of the topic.

November 2021

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