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Professor Dr. Chahan Yeretzian

The Lord of the Beans

Coffee expert Professor Dr Chahan Yeretzian can produce twelve words to describe the flavour of coffee. He knows everything there is to know about roasting, the appearance of coffee beans and the ideal pressure. Because coffee, the pleasure-seeking society’s drug of choice, has long since become a science.

Artificial intelligence

Master of the machines

Professor Dr Bernhard Schölkopf, an expert in artificial intelligence, teaches robots to learn and impresses both the business and the science world. He is a pioneer of the so-called core methods, building the foundations for the use of robots or for autonomous driving.

Close-up on research

Breaking the Rules

Her future had been decided for her: the man she was supposed to marry, her role as a housewife, a life dictated by the rules of her caste. But then Geetha Thangavelu discovered her love of mathematics and everything changed. The story of a career swimming against the tide and against all expectations.

Taking a look at unknown worlds

The European XFEL x-ray laser

Germany recently became home to the world's largest x-ray laser, the European XFEL. The x-ray flashes generated in the 3.4 km long system of underground tunnels allow the tiniest particles and extremely fast processes to be studied with an unprecedented level of precision.