Everything is connected, everything is part of the system

Dr. Sonia Alejandra Torres Sánchez

Geoscientist at the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí in Mexico and DAAD Young Ambassador in Mexico

“What we can learn from Alexander von Humboldt is that we must not totally separate the natural sciences from the social sciences and the arts. We must consider the interrelationship between the subjects; they must complement one another. Only this interdisciplinary approach will give us far-reaching results in our research. The global exchange of knowledge has a high standing at the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí in Mexico. It enables us to quickly identify new, effective methods. From my perspective as a geoscientist, however, Alexander von Humboldt showed us one thing above all else: the earth is an interconnected system. Disturbing one of its components changes the functionality of the whole. Unfortunately, we can observe this everywhere at the present time. Science faces major challenges worldwide with regard to environmental protection. We must protect the earth’s natural processes to solve problems like hunger, poverty and disease. Everything is connected with everything else, and everything is part of the system.”

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Transcripts: Christina Iglhaut, LETTER 01/2019.

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June 2019