Infographic: Innovations

Nowadays, the term innovation is utilized frequently, it is almost used inflationarily. It is clear that the pursuit of innovation drives business and science.

But what exactly does innovation mean and where does it differ from creativity? Who was Joseph Alois Schumpeter and how did he see innovations? In our infographic we explain the definition and origin of the term, how innovative strength can be measured and what innovation means in practice. We also provide important figures on the innovation potential of different countries and present innovative locations and projects in Germany.

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What about innovations in your home country? Where do you see innovation potential and weaknesses? What are particularly innovative companies and research institutions? Share your experiences and opinions with other alumni using the comment function.

February 2020

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Mario Navas Naranjo, MD.
4 March 2020

We have developed a web platform, with different internationally accepted tools to investigate working conditions and the impact on health on workers, we plan to use it in industries in the country and then in our region. It is important for us to know if similar information platforms exist in other countries

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