Keeping Exchange Alive

Dr. Marion Röwekamp

Holder of the DAAD-funded Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt Chair at the Colegio de México, post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Latin American Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin

“The Colegio de México has many international partnerships. The newest is a second graduate school entitled Temporalities of Future. Together with the Institute for Latin American Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin, it enables a regular exchange of students and lecturers. The Humboldt Chair, which I took on in 2018, contributes to this intensive exchange of knowledge. Its function is to act as a bridge between German and Mexican research. When I assumed the Chair last year, the list of my predecessors inspired a great deal of respect: Professor Günther Maihold, Professor Walther L. Bernecker and many other big names. I believe, however, I am contributing something new. I’m the first woman to hold the Chair, a Mexican and historian for Germany and Europe. I will set my own priorities. Above all, we want to present German history, politics and culture in Mexico. This year, researchers from Latin America, the USA, Europe and Germany will come to us for conferences, workshops and lecture series to strengthen and energise this exchange. We experience it as global exchange – very much in keeping with Alexander von Humboldt.”



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Transcripts: Christina Iglhaut, LETTER 01/2019.

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June 2019