FAQ – Blogs on the Alumniportal

1. What are suitable topics for a blog?

A blog is quite personal and its content is often directly associated with the person who writes it. Therefore, topics which you know a lot about (or you may even be a professional expert in) and on which you can write new contributions regularly are most suitable. It is very important to write at regular intervals, so that you can motivate your loyal readership to keep reading. It is less important whether you choose a more professional or a more emotional topic. Our experience shows, however, that emotional topics receive more comments than purely expert ones. If you choose an expert topic, please make sure that it isn’t too specific and that a large range of readers can understand it and make comments. Topics related to Germany, to Germany language or culture are particularly popular among Alumniportal members.

2. What are the technical steps to creating a blog?

Click on the green button saying “New” on your personal start page and select the option “Write a blog post”. You can also go to the “My Blogs” area and select “Write a blog post”. You can find “My blog“ in the drop-down menu “My portal”. Make sure to give your post a significant name, to assign a number of keywords (tags) and to select the appropriate categories. This will ensure that the blog post will be displayed more frequently in search results within the community.

3. How frequently should I write a new post?

There is no fixed rule about the frequency of writing a new post. It depends on how much time you have and, of course, on your topic. It is important, however, that you post something regularly, for instance every two weeks or once a month.  

4. How will my contacts learn about my new blog posts?

Send a message to your collection of contacts or to individual contacts to inform them about your new blog post. Please also see our FAQ on Contacts.

Your blog post will futhermore be shown in the news stream on the start page, if the visibility settings you choose allow so. You can also refer to your Blog in a separate status message.

5. What can I do to encourage many people to comment on my blog?

A blog post should not be too long (one page maximum). Please remember that time is scarce for most people and that they often don’t read large amounts of text. You might integrate images or videos into your blog, because many people welcome visual material. Don’t write a purely informational blog, there are many other portals that provide these. Give your opinion on your topic and invite other members to discuss it with you. Ask questions and encourage others to answer them. Always ask yourself if you would answer your own blog post.