FAQ – Contacts on the Alumniportal

1. Where and how can I find new contacts?

As a registered member, there are various places in the Alumniportal’s community where you can find new contacts. On your personal dashboard, you will find suggestions of people who have things in common with you (mutual contacts, funding organisations, country, interests etc.) Here’s a tip: The more complete your profile is, the more suitable contact suggestions you will receive. With our Search function, you can also specifically look for people according to certain criteria. Beyond that, you can get connected with alumni from your personal groups. 

2. How can I add a contact?

On the profile page of other members of the Alumniportal, you can use the function „Add contact“. If you are inside a group, you can add a contact there without having to leave the group. Simply click on the small profile picture of a group member and select the option “Add contact”. You can always add a personal message to your contact request.

3. Where can I find an overview of my network?

You can get an overview of your contacts in the tab “Contacts” on your dashboard. There you can also filter your contacts and create contact lists. Click on “My networkmap” to get to your personal world map which will show you how many contacts you have in the different countries of the world. Select individual countries and have a look at the alumni and organisations you are in contact with.

4. How can I find out my contacts’ news?

After you log into the Alumniportal, you will see the latest activities of all members on your dashboard. With the filter on the left side of the news stream you can click on “Contacts”, then only the activities of your contacts are shown. Furthermore, in your settings (button “My Portal” on the upper right side) you can decide if you want to receive notifications of your contact's activities via your inbox on the Alumniportal or via e-mail. We will also update you about contact requests and messages in your inbox through our weekly newsletter. 

5. How can I make sure that my contacts find out about my activities?

Your contacts who log into the Alumniportal regularly will get an overview of your activities. Furthermore, you can use the message function of the Alumniportal to send personal messages to individual contacts or contact lists, for example when you have created a new blog entry.

6. What are the advantages of contact collections?

Collections of contacts have various advantages. For example, you can write to all members of a collection of contacts if you would like to inform them about your blog or a new entry. Collections of contacts are always most useful if you would like to regularly contact a certain group of people on the Alumniportal.

7. How can I create a collection of contacts?

To create a new collection of contacts, use the function “New contacts collection” in the “Contacts” area of the Alumniportal’s community. Give a name to the collection of contacts and add all contacts you would like to belong to this group. Now save the data and your collection of contacts is ready.

8. Can I add to an existing collection of contacts?

You can add to an existing collection of contacts at any time, just by clicking on the pencil’s icon next to the respective contact list within “My collections of contacts”. For example, you can select the contacts that you would like to add or delete and save the changes.