FAQ – Jobs & Careers

1. Can I find a job on the Alumniportal?

The Alumniportal offers an international job exchange in the Jobs & Careers area. There you will find vacancies with a Germany-connection from many countries all over the world.

2. Which companies are registered with the Alumniportal?

Companies of various industries, sizes and orientation are registered with the Alumniportal. In the category Discover companies  you will find companies who have created a Company portrait on the Alumniportal.

3. Where can I find current job vacancies?

You will find current vacancies in the job exchange in our category Jobs & Careers. It lists both long-term and permanent positions as well as assignments and temporary options in many countries of the world.

4. Who are the vacancies aimed at?

The majority of vacancies are aimed at people with a connection to or an experience of Germany, often in connection with knowledge of the German language. They are frequently posted by German companies abroad looking for local employees.

5. How can I apply for a job vacancy?

Each vacancy published on the Alumniportal includes information on the application. Frequently, the application is organized directly via the company’s website.

6. Where can I enter my career information?

You can present information on your career in your personal community profile. Furthermore, you have the option to create a professional profile in our database of experts. This is a service for you as a registered member.

7. Where can I find tips for my career?

In our Career magazine you will find many helpful tips on applying for or job, on qualifications and soft-skills. You can also read more about the career paths of other alumni from all over the world.

8. How can I post a job vacancy on the Alumniportal?

In order to post a job vacancy, your company must be registered on the Alumniportal. In the category Jobs & Careers, go to Jobs & Assignments and click on “Offer jobs” in the left navigation. Information on your business will be taken from your profile. If you want to change any of this information, please do it in your profile. You can then continue to enter the details about the job and the applicants. As the final step, please select the option “Set online” under “Job offer state”. After a brief check, the Alumniportal will publish your job vacancy within a few working days.