FAQ – Alumniportal Miniweb

Miniwebs and the Alumniportal Deutschland

19. How is my Miniweb connected to the Alumniportal?


You can’t find an answer to your question? Write to us: info(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org

1. Who is entitled to use the Alumniportal Miniweb?

Partners of the Alumniportal Deutschland (alumni networks, organizations, institutions) have the option to create a so-called Alumniportal Miniweb and to run websites there that have relevance for alumni. In certain cases, individuals may also be entitled to run Miniweb pages, for instance in order to initiate or create a regional network or to communicate consulting options to a larger circle of people. If you are not sure if you are entitled to use the Miniweb, please write to info(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org.

2. What exactly is the Miniweb? What are the Miniweb’s specific features?

The Alumniportal Miniweb is a construction kit for creating Alumni-webpages. These individual homepages are hosted on the servers of the Alumniportal Deutschland and may be used particularly by alumni networks, organizations and institutions as a platform for the communication of information, links, photographs and dates. Each Miniweb has a public URL, so that the pages are accessible to all internet users. Setting up a Miniweb is free of charge for users. They are not allowed to offer or enable the offer of profit-oriented services on their Miniweb pages.

3. Who can see my Miniweb?

The access to Alumniportal Miniwebs is initially blocked, to make sure that no one can access them until they have been completed. After completion and release, they are public and can be seen by all internet users.

4. Where can I find examples of existing Miniwebs?

Have a look at these already existing Miniweb pages.

5.What are the conditions for creating a Miniweb?

In order to use the Alumniportal Miniweb, persons applying for the Miniweb must manage their own community-group on the Alumniportal Deutschland.  This group serves as the platform for community activities in connection with the alumni work of the respective organization or the network. A further prerequisite is a project logo which must be made available to the Alumniportal.

6.What are the terms of use for the Miniweb?

7. What can I do if I don’t have a logo?

If there is no logo, you can also use the name of the project or alumni-network or of the organization/institution (use an abbreviation if possible).

8. How can I create a community group on the Alumniportal?

In order to create a Miniweb, you will have to create your own community group on the Alumniportal. Please read our FAQ on groups.

9. How can I apply for the Miniweb?

In order to apply for a Miniweb, you will have to fill out our application form. In this form, applicants can state which domain they would like to use, and they are asked to give a short description of the future contents and target group of their Alumniportal Miniweb.

10. What will be my URL?

Applicants can choose an individual subdomain. Since these will be set up under the domain alumniportal.com, the Alumniportal Miniwebs will always be named according to the following pattern: projectname.alumniportal.com

11. Which elements of the Miniweb can I design according to my wishes?

All content, i.e. texts and images of the Miniweb, can be individually designed by its users, f.i. an “About us”-page to introduce the project, current news, event information etc. Individual navigation points can also be freely chosen. Furthermore, you can provide an individual contact form, create photo galleries, install a public download area or imbed RSS-Feeds, f.i. the Alumniportal Deutschland’s news, event calendar or job exchange.

12. What is predesigned? Can I adapt the design as I choose?

Following a modular principle, various content elements can be selected, for example a text module or a photo gallery. An individual alumni website in the standard design of the Alumniportal Deutschland can thus be assembled. After the initial installation, you will find a number of test contents under your chosen subdomain, which will demonstrate what different pages could look like and which elements are feasible. These contents can be simply written over. You can delete or cut out any elements and images from the practice version which you do not need. Please note: Each Miniweb must have an imprint and a data protection statement. Users will be informed of the legal specifications.

13. Can I enter information in my national language?

The Alumniportal Miniweb’s basic functions are currently only available in German. However, it is possible to create your Miniweb in other languages than German.

14. Is there a manual for creating a Miniweb?

Details on design options and functions of the Alumniportal Miniweb are summarized in the editing manual which will be provided to users.

15. Who can I turn to with questions?

Petra Faber is the contact person for Alumniportal Miniwebs. If you have any questions, please write to info(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org

16. Who is in charge of maintaining the Miniweb?

The initial technical installation will be carried out by the team of the Alumniportal Deutschland. Users will be provided with an onsite editor, with which they can maintain their content directly on the Miniweb-page. The content management system Typo3 is running at the background of the Alumniportal Miniwebs.

17. How much time is needed for setting up and maintaining a Miniweb?

The amount of time needed for setting up a Miniweb depends on the amount of content which the user would like to publish. Users will receive an editor’s manual, which will help them to fill and maintain all areas of their Miniweb. After the Miniweb has been drafted, users will find several pages of test-content under its URL, which demonstrate how various pages could look and which elements can be created. This content can simply be deactivated or written over. 

Once the Miniweb has been finalized and activated, the amount of time needed for its maintenance depends on whether it is a more basic information service or whether users would like to regularly publish current content. Usually, the main activities, or at least the interaction with the target group, takes place within the community group belonging to each Miniweb. You can find tips and information on the subject of community groups on our FAQ pages.

18. Where can I find support for technical questions?

We will help you with questions on all facets of the Miniweb. Please write to info(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org

19. How is my Miniweb connected to the Alumniportal?

On each Alumniportal Miniweb, you will find the log-in box for the Alumniportal’s community in the left column, underneath the navigation. Users will log into their Alumniportal Deutschland account or register for the first time with the community here. After registration, users will be forwarded directly to the community group belonging to the Miniweb. Here they can use the forum for discussions or send messages to group members etc. There are various other point of intersection between the Alumniportal Deutschland and the Miniwebs, e.g. embedding the RSS-Feeds into the Miniweb-pages, publishing job vacancies and events on the Alumniportal Deutschland or taking part in webinars.