FAQ – Technical Questions and Problems


8. I have been receiving spam mail. Who can I report this to?


You can’t find an answer to your question? Write to us: info(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org

1. I’m having problems with the registration. Who can I turn to for assistance?

There are two steps in registering with the Alumniportal (double opt-in). First, fill in the registration form and click on the button “Finish registration”. A message will now be sent to the e-mail address you gave, asking you to activate your account. Simply follow the link in this e-mail – this completes your registration. You will now be able to use all features of the Alumniportal’s community.

Please note: There are currently some problems concerning the delivery of our email to Hotmail addresses. In order to receive your confirmation of registration and other system notifications, please follow these three steps:

  • Log in to your Hotmail inbox and go to “Options”/”More options”.
  • Click on “Safe and blocked senders” and then on “Safe senders”.
  • Enter “@alumniportal-deutschland.org” and click on “Add to list”.

Should you encounter problems with your registration, please contact webmaster(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org.

2. An error report appears during registration. What can I do?

This error report appears when the registration form was not filled out completely or correctly. Please check any fields with a red margin and complete or correct your data.

3. I forgot my password. What can I do?

We will be happy to send a new password to the e-mail address you gave in your registration. If you have forgotten both your password and the e-mail address you registered under, please contact webmaster(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org.

4. How can I change my password and/or my e-mail address?

You can change your password and/or e-mail address within your settings. To get there please login first on the Alumniportal and then go to “My Portal” (upper right-hand corner) and click on “Change password” or “Change e-mail”. There you can simply enter your new password or your new e-mail address.

5. I forgot my username. What can I do?

Simply follow the same steps as with a forgotten password. Please read the information given under Question 3.  

6. Can I change my username?

In general, it is not possible to change your personal username.  If you feel that there is an urgent reason which makes a change absolutely necessary, you can delete your account and register with us under a new username and e-mail address. In this case, please contact webmaster(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org.

7. What should I do if I want to delete my account?

Go to “My Portal” in the Alumniportal community, click on “Settings” and then on “Report this”, found in the upper right-hand corner. Please explain why you want to terminate your Alumniportal membership in the field below (“Why are you reporting this?”). If you are still a member of any groups, please leave them before deleting your account, to avoid confusion within the groups.

8. I have been receiving spam mail. Who can I report this to?

We are trying to avoid any spam activity on the Alumniportal at all times. If you notice anything unusual, please contact webmaster(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org. Please state your username or e-mail address you registered with on the Alumniportal and tell us from which other user you received a spam message. If possible, you are welcome to attach a screenshot.