FAQ – Topics & Events

1. What exactly is the area Topics & Projects?

In Topics & Projects, you will find editorial articles on topics from the fields of Germany and German language, Study & Continuing education, Science & Research, and Sustainability. Many topics from this area are discussed in groups of the online community. All content at Topics & Projects is freely accessible without registration with the Alumniportal.

2. What are the topics?

In the categories of Topics & Projects, we offer a wide range of diverse topics that are relevant for Germany-Alumni. There are also editorial articles in the Career magazine of our Jobs & Careers section. Many additional topics are also discussed on the Alumniportal. We hope you will find something to interest you!

3. Can I suggest a topic?

We would be very happy to hear about your suggestions for a topic, which you might also like to promote in your own group in the Alumniportal’s community. Write and tell us about your suggestion: redaktion(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org

4. Who are the authors of the articles at Topics & Projects?

A team of editors write articles for the Alumniportal in close coordination with the Alumniportal’s content managers. We try to identify topics that are interesting to as many of our alumni as possible and that encourage further discussion in the online community. Would you like to read an article on a particular topic? Maybe we can provide it: redaktion(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org

5. Where can I find information on tenders and funding programmes?

Information on announcements and funding programmes can be found in our News area. Please note that the Alumniportal itself does not provide scholarships or financial funding. We are merely providing information about proposals by our partners or by third parties.

6. What kinds of events will I find on the Alumniportal?

In the Webinars & Events category of the Alumniportal, you will find actual events in Germany and abroad as well as current webinars which take place on the Alumniportal. In our Event calendar, you can look for events specifically in your country or on a specific topic. There are interfaces with various partners, e.g. with the Goethe-Institut or with Kooperation International. You can also find events organized by the Alumniportal itself. In our Overview of webinars, you will find all current and past webinars.

7. How can I find events in my region?

Use our Event calendar to specifically search for a region, a country or a topic.

8. Can I post an event?

Yes, as a registered member you can enter events yourself. In order to do this, log in and use our form for entering events. The editorial team will check your entry and activate it. Please note that we will only activate events that have no commercial purpose and that are relevant to our members, i.e. to Germany-Alumni. We reserve the right to change details in the event information if we feel it is necessary in terms of content.