FAQ – Webinars on the Alumniportal

1. What is a webinar?

A webinar is a seminar held via the internet. The term is a combination of the words “web” (as in world wide web) and “seminar”. A webinar is interactive in nature and enables lecturers and participants to communicate directly. It is typical for a webinar that nearly unlimited numbers of people can take part, independent of where they may be currently.

2. What does a webinar on the Alumniportal Deutschland consist of?

On the Alumniportal Deutschland, a webinar consists of at least one audio-/videostream, which transmits the verbal comments of the webinar’s leader or moderator or of the experts, a window to display power-point slides or other content such as images, videos etc. and a chat window, where participants can pose their questions.

3. What is special about webinars on the Alumniportal Deutschland?

By integrating the webinars into the online community of the Alumniportal, content-related webinar series can be conducted over several weeks with a stable circle of participants. Through this technology, experts can be included into the webinar with minimal requirements of time and expense, independently of their current whereabouts (e.g. webinars about the topic Digital Society).  

4. How can I take part in a webinar on the Alumniportal Deutschland?

Regarding content and technology, an Alumniportal webinar is integrated into a group of its online community which deals with the respective issue. This means that the webinar can be reached only through this group. In order to participate, therefore, you need an internet connection, you have to register (free of charge!) with the Alumniportal and to join the respective group. This group will always be indicated through a link on the announcement page. Unless stated otherwise, the number of participants is not limited

5. I have signed up for a webinar group. How can I access the webinar content?

You can access the webinar’s content by clicking the button “Webinar” in the group’s starting page. If you click on the button “Open session” at the specified time,  you can follow the webinar in the new window. You can join in the discussion by posting your questions and comments in the chat window. Videos of previous webinars can also be viewed in this way. 

6. What are the technical requirements for participating in a webinar on the Alumniportal Deutschland?

You will need a stable internet connection, preferably broadband. Also, make sure that your browser supports flash, in order to play the video. Of course you will also need a set of speakers or headphones in order to hear the expert’s talk. If you want to use the chat function, you will need Java Script.

7. Do I have to take part in all the sessions of a webinar series?

Every group member is free to decide which and how many sessions they would like to watch. You can log in at any time, even after the webinar has started. Furthermore, every webinar session is recorded. The video can be accessed for around two days after the webinar in the respective group and watched as often as you like. This means that you can watch the webinar units at any time. So, if you are unable to attend a session but would like to follow the entire webinar, this is possible. Of course you cannot pose your questions via the chat in this case, but you can use the group’s forum to post your questions and comments in the thread provided.

8. What are the topics of Alumniportal Deutschland webinars?

The Alumniportal Deutschland addresses current topics from politics and society, as well as issues from the fields of research, economy, education, culture and management. The Alumniportal Deutschland brings together professors, experts and key persons from the fields of economy or politics with interested alumni, and creates a virtual space for an open international exchange and for topical discussions. On the outline page, you can find the dates of all past and current webinars on the Alumniportal.

Would you like to suggest a topic? Send us a message: info(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org

9. Can organisations, institutes of higher education, companies or alumni networks carry out their own webinars on the Alumniportal Deutschland?

Under certain conditions, members or member groups of the portal can have the option to hold their own webinars, using the provided technology, including technical support and, if necessary, moderation in the background. The Alumniportal will provide the technical requirements for implementing a webinar. The seminar leader will need only a webcam and a headset, as well as a stable internet connection, preferably broadband starting from DSL 6000. Technical support, background moderation and the coordination of contributions by participants will also be taken care of. Basically, webinars can be held on any industry or field, but we suggest choosing a cross-disciplinary topic with global relevance. These topics are most likely to evoke a large response and create a sustainable exchange. Webinars on the Alumniportal Deutschland should be designed to maintain a topical exchange within the group and on the portal in general, even after the end of the impulse talks.

Are you interested in carrying out a webinar? Please contact us: info(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org

10. How does a live stream work?

Our webinars’ technology can be used to transmit actual events live to the portal. This will increase the event’s range and enable Germany alumni to take part when the numbers of (physical) participation are limited or when a trip to the event is not possible.

Here is an example: The Social Dimension of Global Governance – Rights and Voice for Labor (2015)

11. I would like to carry out a webinar. What should I do?

Once you have identified an interesting topic that is suitable for an exchange among participants, you should send us a concept paper around 4 to 6 weeks before the desired date of the webinar. It would be helpful if you could think about the topical focus, experts that could be approached and the webinar’s duration. We will be happy to help you in the organisation and marketing of the webinar. Please contact us: info(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org