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Moliehi Shale from South Africa likes the openness between professors and students in the German higher education system.

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Yes to the YES Workshop!

Tools for researchers interested in starting a business

There are many hurdles on the path from abstract idea to tangible product development. Entrepreneurial workshops like those run by the DAAD and the Falling Walls Foundation can give academics the necessary tools to overcome these challenges, and to awaken their inherent entrepreneurial potential. Three participants in the ‘From PhD to Innovator’ workshop talk about their experiences.

From science to business

The untapped potential of doctoral theses

Developing visionary solutions: ‘From PhD to Innovator’ was the title of the workshop in which DAAD alumni and scholarship holders had the opportunity to dive into the topic of entrepreneurship in May. A cooperation between the DAAD, the Falling Walls Foundation and the Young Entrepreneurs.

A matter of attitude

Entrepreneurial skills are becoming ever more important at higher education institutions. Aspiring and innovative entrepreneurs are not merely the object of research in this respect, but also the explicit target of academic start-up counselling and support. Never before has the step from studies to entrepreneurship been so easy – at least in some towns and cities.