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Moliehi Shale from South Africa likes the openness between professors and students in the German higher education system.

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Europe at a crossroads

Anne-Marie Descôtes, France’s Ambassador to Germany and a DAAD alumna, speaks about the importance of the European election in May and the future of European higher education exchange.


“Study without borders. Elect Europe!”

The German Rectors' Conference and the German National Association for Student Affairs are calling on students to participate in the election to the European Parliament on May 26, 2019 with a joint initiative. It is supported nationwide by universities and Student Union in order to point out the importance of political participation.

Religion: it is good that we have different beliefs

The DAAD promotes exchange between religions. A project example: a trilateral cooperation between the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Al-Quds University and the Free University of Berlin in the one-year master's program "Intellectual Encounters of the Islamic World"