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Moliehi Shale from South Africa likes the openness between professors and students in the German higher education system.

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Green Talents Award: chemistry for a “greener future”

What if you could turn waste into something that benefits the environment? Something that reduces fossil fuel consumption, helps generate clean energy, and can even – if all goes to plan – be used to bind large quantities of the greenhouse gas CO2? This was the big question Jesús Esteban Serrano set out to answer.

Experiencing exchange

Typhoons, chatbots or the challenges of learning German? Any- one willing to expand their own horizons will have plenty to talk about – like these four young people from Germany and Asia.

Bridges to Europe

Offering exceptional expertise in eleven countries: the 20 Centers for German and European Studies constitute a unique global knowledge network. We show you how different disciplines engage in exchange and how they are involved in interdisciplinary debates on Germany and its role in Europe at Peking University, the University of Tokyo and Chung-Ang University in Seoul.