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Moliehi Shale from South Africa likes the openness between professors and students in the German higher education system.

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The German Chancellor Fellowship

A bicycle tour across Europe

João Paulo Amaral loves his home city of São Paulo. And he loves his bicycle. But how do city life and cycling fit together? Thanks to a German Chancellor Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the environmental activist and cycling campaigner had the chance to find out what makes Europe so cycle-friendly.

Online degree courses

Studying in Germany via the internet

Studying from home? The internet makes it possible to complete entire degree courses whenever and wherever you like. Online degree courses are a real alternative, especially for those who work. We want to show you how distance learning over the internet works.

Tips for your search for a study place

Studying in Germany

The German higher education landscape is a colourful one. Nationwide there is a choice of 400 universities of a very high level at which you can study. Choosing the right study course is therefore perhaps not so easy. Here you can find the most important websites and tips for your search for a study place.

Studying the German way – is that possible abroad?

To study to German standards, you don't necessarily have to travel to Germany. Study programmes offered by German universities abroad are bringing academic training based on German standards to many countries in the world.