Infographic: Lifelong Learning

When was your last programme of advanced education? What are your promotion prospects without advanced training? Those who expand their capacities at regular intervals remain attractive to their employers and give themselves plenty of career opportunities. Lifelong learning does not just apply to the acquiring of knowledge for your professional life.

What are the most frequent reasons for lifelong learning? What are the different forms of learning and which would be most suitable for you? Get an overview of the topic with our infographics and find helpful tips for successful learning techniques.

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Discussion on Lifelong Learning

  • Which programmes aimed at lifelong learning do you know about?
  • Have you had advanced training or started a second degree after completing your first?
  • Have you acquired new skills in the last few years?


    Discuss with us in the comments.

    UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

    Those who don’t advance their education will come to a standstill. The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning supports the idea that people should never stop learning. Director Arne Carlsen talks about the challenges and goals.

    “Lifelong Learning: Hope of transforming our world”


    August 2016

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