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Universities and Corona: What Now?

The corona pandemic also poses major challenges for universities. Maintaining research and teaching with the shortest possible contact times requires concerted action by all actors. This page summarizes the activities of the "Hochschulforum Digitalisierung" on the Corona Crisis.


Educational oppportunities made in Germany

The demand for qualified higher education is growing worldwide. More and more students want to benefit from the quality education institutions (HEIs), but without going abroad for their entire degree programme. You can find out what role German universities play with their transnational educational offerings in our infographic.

Germany? “Very good!”

The British Council's latest study, entitled “The Shape of Global Higher Education: International Comparisons with Europe” compared the national regulatory frameworks and higher education internationalisation results of 20 countries. Michael Peak, Head of Higher Education Systems Research at the British Council, explains this conclusion from the German perspective.

Overview of artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany

“AI Made in Germany”

Germany’s goal is clear: To become an international leader in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics – the ultimate goal would be to be number one worldwide. Germany’s position compared to its competitors like the USA or China is the subject of a somewhat heated debate featuring differing assessments. This article presents the current status of AI in Germany and sheds some light on AI policy, courses of study, research, startups, as well as platforms and projects.