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Germany’s favourite holiday plans

Germans’ most popular holiday destination is Germany. Most Germans like to go to the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, the Alps or the Alpine foothills with their many lakes. But plenty of Germans also travel to other countries. So many, in fact, that they are only outdone as the world’s most eager travel nation by China, the world champion of travelers. 

3 questions about digital learning

Professor Jürgen Handke from Philipps-Universität Marburg runs the Virtual Linguistics Campus, the world’s largest learning platform for English and general linguistic content. Since 2006, he has been digitising his entire teaching programme step by step. In 2015 he was awarded the Ars Legendi Prize for excellence in university teaching.

Humour in Germany

What do Germans laugh about?

Even Mark Twain testified that there was a problem with German humour: “A German joke is no laughing matter.” But are Germans really so unfunny, or is that nothing but prejudice here? Journalist Johannes Göbel set out to search for traces. Here are the results.