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Lab Series “No Future Without Education”

Do you have innovative ideas on how high-quality, inclusive and fair education can be achieved? This question was the impulse to apply for one of the four “No Future Without Education” Labs the Alumniportal organized in 2017.

The lab series which took place in Kenya, India, Ethiopia and Vietnam provided a space for the participants to enter into a joint dialogue and to present and develop creative ideas and projects. The four one-day events around the globe brought Germany Alumni together with local and international experts and representatives from politics, business and civil society as well as with German organisations who were interested in raising awareness of the significance of education as part of the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The participants and input providers took the opportunity to get in touch with experts in order to network, to share knowledge and to contribute their range of expertise to the highly relevant topic of education.

Using different innovative and participatory methods like “LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®” (which allows participants to visualize challenges and solutions using LEGO® bricks), “Journaling” (where participants reflect their own ideas silently in a first steps and discuss the thoughts in a second step) or the World Café method (a structured process for knowledge sharing) the participants of each innovative lab actively discussed challenges in education and developed possible solution approaches.
The participants had also the opportunity to present their own project ideas on how they could contribute to the improvement of education. The presented project ideas covered many different aspects of education - ranging from ideas on mobile based learning to tactile books for children with disabilities. The different project ideas and the results of the labs in Vietnam, Kenya, India and Ethiopia can now be found on the relevant lab pages! 

Please note: There will be more Labs in 2018! Topics and countries will be announced soon! 

The 2030 Agenda, which includes 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offers a lot of opportunities for indivduals to show solidarity. How? Visit our section “THE GLOBAL GOALS – powered by Alumni”!

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Hélène Pestel
2 January 2018

Dear Jack,
thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts!
It is great to hear about your motivation and your engagement to achieve the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals!
You can read about different local initiatives and projects to tackle the challenges of quality and inclusive education that were presente during the lab "No Future Without Education" in Kenya here: https://www.alumniportal-deutschland.org/webinare-events/unsere-events/lab-serie-ohne-bildung-keine-zukunft/kenia/
The descriptions of the projects and initiatives presented during the labs held in 2017 in India, Ethiopia and Vietnam will follow soon.

Best regards,
Hélène Pestel
Alumniportal team

Jack Otieno
1 January 2018

"No Future Without Education" Based on the emphasis, let me reiterate the challenges we encounter in trying to embrace education for all.Rural impact plays disadvantage role towards girl child education.Often from traditional perspective, girls are prone to early marriages,Female Genital Mutilation and Early Pregnancies.
With your effort and our collective responsibility,we can decrease the occurrences hence creates education for current and future generation.With the essence of meeting Sustainable Development Goals, proper education with equal measures to civic education will deliver the 2030 United Nations Mission.
I am a UN Volunteer working with Civil Society and Online Volunteer organizations to achieve further implementation of Peace and Development Initiatives.

Juan Carlos Schiappa-Pietra
10 November 2017

Do you plan to bring the Educational Lab Series to South America?
For more than 15 years I have tried to persuade on the interactive use of radio and TV in the education of high school and undergraduate students. I would like to share my experiences on the subject. On 2015 we accomplished the goal of establishing RADIO UNIVERSITÄT LIMA (Radio Universitaria Lima) a multiple layer radio communication instrument for the education of the mentioned target group. Since the community based and self-reliant project was already enfacing severe financial trouble the experience was short living. This project was the first of type in Latin America.
The philosophy behind on what we are struggling to attain in Lima is that education, free education (a dream we are seeing to vanish in the region), is the essential egalitarian principle that opens equal opportunities for all.
So, there is plenty to share an hope you include soon Lima in the Lab Series.
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Schiappa-Pietra
Lima, Peru

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