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Lab Series “No Future Without Education”

Do you have innovative ideas on how high-quality, inclusive and fair education can be achieved? Then apply now for one of our four “No Future Without Education” Labs!

The lab series are spaces to enter into a joint dialogue and to present and develop creative ideas, projects and models. The four one-day events will bring Germany-Alumni together with local and international experts and representatives from politics, business and civil society as well as with German organisations who are interested in raising awareness in society and politics of the significance of education as part of the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda.

As a participant and input provider, the labs will give you excellent opportunities to get in touch with experts and companies, to create a network, to share your knowledge and to contribute your range of expertise, ensuring that creative ideas don’t remain fiction.
The 40 selected participants of each innovative lab concept will take an active part in the development of new project ideas and devise practically viable approaches and models for action.

The labs also provide an opportunity to submit, present and discuss your own innovative project ideas and solution approaches.

Apply now for the participation in Vietnam, Ethiopia or India or  learn more about the results of the Lab in Kenya (July 2017)!


The 2030 Agenda, which includes 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offers a lot of opportunities for indivduals to show solidarity. How? Visit our section “THE GLOBAL GOALS – powered by Alumni”!

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Seynabou Fachinger
24 August 2017

Dear Miran Etang,
Thanks for your comment. I think you are absolutely right, and this is where every single person comes in and is needed, to create and develop ideas, simple ones and more complex ones, share them with others and get feedback on them and then implement them. This is the approach we follow during our Labs...
Please feel invited to share your idea on the Alumniportal...

Miran Etang
23 August 2017

There is actually No future without education. Ideas are the only way out to success.

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