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December 2016

Hands-on Project 2016 - The winners!

How do alumni experience the return to their home countries after an extended period of studying or working in Germany? What were the effects of their stay in Germany on their professional and private lives? What changes did they observe?

The international teams who took part in the 2016 Hands-on Project “Setting out – People on the move” addressed these and other interesting questions. The alumni and their own personal stories of returning to their home countries were at the centre of interest. Supported by an expert and in webinars, more than 40 creative minds focused on topics like reporting, storytelling and multimedia preparation of texts and pictures during the past six weeks.

An independent jury (see below) has now selected the best stories. The decision was a difficult one, but in the end those teams made it: Team 3 (1st place),  Team 4 (2nd place) - the 3rd place is shared by Team 6 and Team 9. Congratulations!

We would like to thank all the participants for their commitment and congratulate everyone to their great results! Learn here more about the the winning stories – there is an exciting Alumni biography behind each photo! We hope you will enjoy discovering impressive stories!

The Jury



Dr. Julia Boger is working at the German Committee of the World University Service (WUS) on return and career starts. Currently, Dr. Boger is working for the WUS project "Grenzenlos - Global Learning in Vocational Education" and offers reintegration workshops for foreign students

Christina Demenshina is a freelance journalist and filmmaker. Before she became an Alumna of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, she researched the topic of "crowdfunding in the field of journalism”.



Nicolas Martin has been a journalist for nearly ten years. As a freelancer, he works for various media (Deutsche Welle for example). He is developing and implementing online projects, moderating, filming and holding journalistic training courses.

Rosa Melendez is a psychologist, an educator and artist. She was part of the Hands-on project 2015 winning team EcoAmigos. Their learning game is currently being developed