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A multimedia story by: Siddhartha K. Shakya, Bimal C Sharma and Nimesh Adhikari

Bimal Chandra Sharma born in 1967 is a Photojournalist trained in Germany in 2003. He also works in a Photo Archives in INSEC. He also went back to Germany for TOT program in 2009. Now he works in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Why did you go to Germany and what did you do there?

Bimal Chandra Sharma: I've been to Germany twice. First time for the course of 'Diploma in Photojournalism' in 2003 and the second time for the 'Training of Trainers on Photojournalism' in 2009. Being in Germany, I got to learn about the European culture and lifestyle. The transportation system in Germany impressed me. For the first time in my life, I picked an apple directly from the tree; the taste of that apple is everlasting.

  • Bimal with course participant of photojournalism in 2003. There were 16 participants from Africa and Asia.

  • Bimal works very hard as Photojournalist and Library photo archives. He everyday updates the information about Human Right in Nepal.

  • Bimal is amazed by the punctuality in Germany. The most is in the train service. It comes in the station at exact time table.

  • Bimal like to show miniature liquor souvenir from Berlin to friends because he does not have such kind in his place. Only big ones are available.

  • Bimal is great lover of nature; he goes for hiking often and does nature photography.

"I could work more systematic."

What was the main challenge coming back from Germany regarding organization? What did you have to consider to book, plan and organize and were there any institutions, networks, etc. that helped you coming back home?

Coming back was easy. The transportation, the plane tickets were all borne by the organization itself. There was no difficulty at all. I got my regular job in my workplace back home. I could work more systematic by the help of knowledge I leant from Germany.

"There wasn't much change"

Do you remember the first time after you returned to your home country from Germany. What was different compared to the time before?

There wasn't much change except for the ever increasing price hike and pollution. Not in my work place.

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"Application in my sector was a sort of a challenge"

After your return: What were the challenges for your professional but also for your private life?

Utilization of skills I learnt in Germany and their application in my sector was a sort of a challenge. To meet the expectation of people around me was challenging at the beginning too. Skill development and the professional supervision was benefit for me.

How did you benefit from your stay in Germany?

The first and foremost benefit was my skill development and the professional supervision that directly contributed to my career. Apart from that, exploring Europe and getting to know more people, was a great advantage too.

If you could plan your stay in Germany and come back home once again – what would you do differently? Any recommendations for those to follow your path?

I'd definitely meet more people related to my career, take more courses, expand my network and apply more of this knowledge in my work and my career. For those who follow my path, I'd only like to say, Germany is a great place for studies. It's cheaper, better and has more scope. My suggestion to them would be – "Never miss any chances, make the most out of the opportunity you get."

Whatever you learnt in Germany, how are you applying it in your daily life?

My job is directly related to the courses I took in Germany, so I get to apply all those techniques everyday in my work. Secondly, I conduct workshops on related topics to share the information I learnt in Germany.

Do you have a team of people who went to Germany for the same purpose? If yes, please elaborate.

Yes, we have alumni of the team that went to Germany for the courses. I'm the founding General Secretary of the alumni. We conduct workshops, training and other social works through the organization.

Postcard to Germany