How Alumniportal Deutschland supports alumni networks

Worldwide there are hundreds of alumni networks by Germany-Alumni. The Alumniportal offers these networks a platform and various support options. Here you will find our most important service offers designed specifically for our alumni networks and associations.

What is an alumni network?

Alumni networks are associations of alumni from one or more organisations, institutes of higher education or foundations. Their aim is to promote exchange between specialists, to transfer knowledge and foster cooperation. In a global and complex society, networks are the key to success.

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Community management and attracting new members

Are you active in an alumni association or network? And are you looking for a platform to promote academic exchange, networking and cooperation among your members? The Alumniportal helps you by adding a powerful virtual component to your association work. Here you will find our most relevant services specifically designed for alumni networks and associations..

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Virtual events

The challenges of large distances and restrictions on assembly and contact often impact negatively on the work of an alumni association, particularly in these times of crisis. It’s no longer always possible for multiple members to meet in one location. Our expertise, technical opportunities and many years of experience enable us to assist you in holding virtual events for your members.

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Online public relations

Alumni associations are constantly interested in recruiting new members, attracting new donors or cooperation partners, attracting visitors to their association events, publicising the name of their association throughout a region or in specific circles, demonstrating academic expertise or simply raising public awareness regarding certain issues. We are happy to use our communication channels, such as the Newsletter, Community or social media to report on the activities of your alumni association.

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Exclusive offers for your alumni

Make the members of your association or network aware of the many exclusive offers on Alumniportal Deutschland. These include among other thins digital learning opportunities, jobs and calls, an event calendar, virtual mentoring and exchanging in groups. The Alumniportal supports Germany alumni in ensuring that their connection to Germany does not tear off. Contact us if you would like to promote the Alumniportal Deutschland and need promoting material.

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