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The Alumniportal Learning Hub is the exclusive eLibrary for members of our community. Here we offer a selection of over 2,000 short, effective eBooks, audiobooks, online courses and learning journeys covering a wide range of hot career topics such as management, leadership & strategy, personal development, digitalisation and much more in German and in English. The content is offered in cooperation with Bookboon*. The download of the learning content is free of charge!


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The content of the Alumniportal Learning Hub is offered in cooperation with Bookboon. We only link to the content that is available on Bookboon. If the rights of third parties are violated on the linked Bookboon page or in the learning content available there, or if illegal content is contained for other reasons, Bookboon or the named author of the respective eBook or audiobook is responsible for the legal violation. We do not assume any responsibility for the content - of any kind whatsoever.


  • Alumniportal Deutschland-Team


    Hello Seth,
    if you log in to our Community, you will find the Learning Hub on the right next to the main feed. Just click on "Learn Now" and you will be guided to the Learning Hub. There, you will find a lot of different Online Courses about lots of topics (Personal Development, Career Planning, Communication and Presentation, Management and Strategies etc.).
    Best regards

  • Seth Nuamah


    Please I need more of your online courses

  • Alumniportal Deutschland team


    Hello Veye Estella Kinga,
    If you would like to get our latest updates on a regular basis, please register for our newsletter! And if you're not yet registered in our Community, make sure to do so, so you won't miss any notification!
    Best regards!

  • Veye Estella Kinga


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