What we offer for Universities and Foundations

Alumni work means networking and relationship management.

Would you like your university or foundation to get in touch with Germany-Alumni, would you like your alumni to network with others, or do you want to promote specialist exchange? The platform Alumniportal Deutschland can support you in all these goals.

Stay in touch and continue specialist exchange

Are you interested in continuing to exchange professional ideas with your alumni and would you like to maintain the contacts made during their studies?

As a registered university or foundation, you will become a member of the online community and can communicate with other members in numerous groups, many of them dealing with socially and economically relevant issues. Become part of an active community and add a strong virtual component to your existing alumni work.

Present services relevant to alumni

Would you like to inform new international target groups about your wide range of services?

On the Alumniportal Deutschland, you can present your university or foundation in a professional manner, drawing attention to your interesting range of services. Networking actively and supplying information on your events, seminars or study programmes will give you access to a continually growing, worldwide target group with a high degree of interest in continued education.  

We will post your programmes and services free of charge, in the category Alumni News.
Write an e-mail to newsalert@alumniportal-deutschland.org. As a registered member, you will be able to post events in the event calendar by yourself.

Promote exchange by using virtual formats

Would you like to support the transfer of knowledge by creating new places of learning, and to promote specialist exchange and joint interdisciplinary learning?International alumni work has to find solutions for the challenges of great distances and wide distribution of alumni. Attractive virtual options like webinars, expert groups and online career fairs can provide global spaces for continued education, involvement and networking for alumni.