Nisreen Naffa from Palestine enthuses about German culture and “multiculti” Berlin.

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Guessing instead of waiting

Our Advent calendar 2018

In order to shorten the waiting for Christmas especially for the children, there is a nice tradition: the Advent calendar with 24 doors full of surprises. In our Advent calendar quiz you can open a new door every day and answer a question about German delicacies during Advent season!

Infographics: Differences West and East Germany

Even nearly three decades after reunification, the new states still have more unemployment and better child-care. Our infographics show where there are still differences between East and West today. 

Measuring the German soul

72 percent of Germans sing aloud in the car. And Germany’s most popular fast-food dish is the doner kebab sandwich – 400 million pitas filled with meat and salad are sold every year! This and other remarkable facts have been collected and published in a book by author and film-maker Christian Heynen.