Nisreen Naffa from Palestine enthuses about German culture and “multiculti” Berlin.

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“Germany, what goes?”

Episode 9: Rauze Dresden

Where can one go “on Rauze” in Dresden? In the 9th episode, there are exciting insights into Dresden's nightlife and its cultural scene. The app/website “Rauze” makes it quick and easy to call up parties, concerts, theater performances or readings in Dresden.

“Germany, what goes?”

Epsode 8: Bundesbüdchen

In this episode, together with Daniel Friesen, Dana Newman walks through the former political center Bonn. There, they come across the Bundesbüdchen, a very special kiosk, where we also learn interesting insights into the time when Bonn was still the federal capital.

“Germany, what goes?”

Episode 7: Radio 80000

Dana Newman visits “Radio 80000” in Munich today. The independent online radio station plays a colorful mix of jazz, hip hop or techno and has various DJs from different European cities playing. Every day from 8 a.m. to midnight.

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