Nisreen Naffa from Palestine enthuses about German culture and “multiculti” Berlin.

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Where German is still spoken in the US

Over 300 years ago, German immigrants crossed the Atlantic to reach, among other places, Pennsylvania. Their language and culture continues to influence their descendants, as DW correspondent Oliver Sallet discovered.

Emigrated words

The list of German words that have emigrated to other languages is long: “Zeitgeist”, “Schadenfreude”, “Kindergarden”, “Katzenjammer”, “Sauerkraut” and even “Doppelgänger” are only a few examples.

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Tips for apartment hunting and moving in Germany

Roughly 8 million Germans move house every year. So what's it like? DW's Cristina Burack shares some quirks of finding a new place to live in Germany, and learns that Germans are not afraid to be hands-on in the process.