Cultural tips on the subject of Europe

Are you interested in Europe and the EU or do you just fancy some nice and exciting cultural tips? Uke Bosse recommends a total of five books, films or series. What are your recommendations and cultural tips? Write to us, we will make a collection of the best alumni recommendations!

Cultural tip #5: Bad Banks

Which other great series except Kommissar Rex and Derreck are out there? Bad Banks!

Cultural tip #4: Russendisko

This book recommendation is a true classic: bizarre, sharp-tongued and ironically told!

Cultural tip #3: Kacirek/Mburu Muhuni

Here you get political music of the extraordinary kind

Cultural tip #2: Western

Is Germany really the country where most Westerns are produced?

Cultural tip #1: Die Hauptstadt

A book recommendation to laugh, cry and have a say

June 2020


Juan Carlos
1 August 2020

Thanks, Mr. Bosse for your time and cultural tip!
I would like to suggest that we could extend this idea for another month as a column of questions and answers. We ask you and you answer us on issues of European culture.

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