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Ana María Valderrama

Profession: Violinist
Exchange to: Berlin, Germany
From: Madrid, Spain

“I loved living in Berlin.”

Ana María Valderrama won the 11th Pablo Sarasate International Violin Competition in 2011 and also received the special audience prize. She was the first Spanish violinist in history to have won this prestigious award.

“I am a musician who enjoys making, listening to and teaching music.” That is why she was in no doubt at all that she wanted to go to Germany to study.

“Classical music was born there and the German people have an understanding of the language that musicians need to learn. There were so many opportunities for personal development! At the university, I had one of the best violin teachers in the whole of Europe.”

“Many of the most famous composers of all time were German. Germans regard classical music as an important part of their history and culture.”

For these reasons, she decided to go to Berlin, where she studied at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin and later at Berlin University of the Arts. “I loved Berlin! There are so many concerts on in the city every day – it’s incredible! Every week, I could listen to the Berliner Philharmoniker (the best orchestra in the world), the Konzerthausorchester, the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester and many others.”

In her opinion, going abroad is absolutely worthwhile.
“There is so much to learn in our big, wide world that if we only stay in our own town or country, we miss out on so many things. Cultural diversity is what makes life interesting. When you live abroad, you begin to discover other cultures and understand other ways of living, and that broadens your horizons.”

“Europe is a place without borders, where everyone has the same opportunities no matter where they come from. Europe is a place of freedom, where many different cultures mix to form one large, diverse continent. Europe is a place full of culture and history. We should fight to preserve this freedom and diversity, and to keep making borders disappear.”

Ana María Valderrama

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