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Gregor Erlebach

Profession: Lawyer at Cuatrecasas law firm
Exchange to: Valencia, Spain
From: Mainz, Germany

“Europe changed my life.”

“People did see me as German, but primarily as European.”

Gregor Erlebach studied law in Valencia as part of the Erasmus programme. But most of all he learnt about Spanish culture, which he found to be open, very straightforward and warm.
Since his early childhood, he and his family had had a lot of contact with the Iberian Peninsula, so it is not surprising that he now lives in Valencia, Spain, with his wife and child. Erlebach is a lawyer at one of the most prestigious Spanish law firms in Barcelona, where he is head of a special department for German-Spanish affairs. By advising people and companies on how the legal system in the other country operates, you could say he is doing his bit to ensure Europe keeps working the way it should.

Erlebach believes that openness is most important, but looking for common ground and understanding is also essential. “Europe is a wonderful thing, with so many countries, cultures and languages. But all too often we fail to recognise this. That’s why everyone should have spent some time living abroad, to experience different ways of life and realise that there are always several possible solutions to a challenge.”

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