What is mentoring and why is it worthwhile?

Latin American man and woman exchange ideas during mentoring on career topics
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In the we offer you the option of digital matching between mentor and mentee for one-to-one mentoring. You receive suggestions regarding a suitable mentor based on your profile details, or you can search for a suitable mentor using different criteria. Incidentally, it is always best to have a fully completed profile, so that the underlying algorithms can provide you with suitable mentoring suggestions.

Mentoring is a tool. One-to-one mentoring involves a time-limited, informal transfer of experience and knowledge between a (professionally) experienced person (the mentor) and someone who is less experienced (the mentee). Mentoring is particularly valuable during an individual's transition phases, such as when , re-entering employment and changing job or location. Mentoring can help people make considered decisions on future career paths in these situations. Experienced mentors use conversations, guidance and introductions to appropriate networks to support mentees in their professional development. Yet mentoring does not merely yield valuable advantages for mentees, mentors too can benefit from it.

What can be addressed and discussed during mentoring?

A wide variety of topics can be discussed in a mentoring relationship, such as career goals and planning, , development of personal skills like soft skills, leadership skills or intercultural communication, subject-specific topics, and much more. Mentors contribute their wealth of individual experience and expertise and in the best case they are also able to respond to topics involving , and social integration.

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