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 Several people are standing in a row with their arms around each other.
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Social cohesion has always been important. However, the coronavirus pandemic has given it a new dimension. Social cohesion is the basis for overcoming global crises and combating climate change. It is also the foundation for greater equality and the fight against discrimination. Read our articles on the topic here.

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  • Protesters in front of a public building in Iran
    © Unsplash/Artin Bakhan
    © Unsplash/Artin Bakhan

    Protests in Iran: Using art to fight the system

    Iran is currently experiencing one of the largest waves of protests in decades. The Humboldt Foundation strongly condemns the violence by Iranian security forces, which particularly affects peaceful demonstrators at universities. We spoke with the Iranian Humboldtian Raika Khorshidian about different forms of protest, communication channels and the cultural scene’s influence in Iran.

  • Footballer Setonji Ogunbiyi playing soccer with another player
    © C. Wolff
    © C. Wolff

    ‘You always find somebody who is willing to help’

    Setonji Ogunbiyi came from Nigeria to the Ruhr region to study Development Management – and to play football. The 29-year-old trains at Fortuna Düsseldorf, together with other foot amputees. In September 2021, he was nominated for the ‘Goal of the Month’ award of the ARD TV programme Sportschau. He came second with just under 30 percent of votes.

  • Ahmad Sami Qaddura has settled in in Germany
    Ahmad Sami Qaddura has settled in in Germany© private
    Ahmad Sami Qaddura has settled in in Germany © private

    Syrian refugee obtains a bachelor's degree with the help of a scholarship

    Ahmad Sami Qaddura fled to Germany to escape the civil war in his home country. Today he has a bachelor's degree and a permanent position with the largest software company in Europe.

  • Three friends wear face masks and greet each other with an elbow bump
    © Getty Images/FilippoBacci
    © Getty Images/FilippoBacci

    Resilience at times of Pandemic Alterations

    Resilience is a key concept which intersects in several discussions in today’s world as for example the coronavirus pandemic. Will the pandemic strengthen or lower the resilience of our societies? And what do ruptured social structures and altered perceptions say about our resilience at times of adversity?

  • Dr Sandra Fluhrer describes why she is able to benefit from a stay abroad despite difficult circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic.
    © Getty Images/eyecrave
    © Getty Images/eyecrave

    Research abroad during the coronavirus pandemic

    Dr Sandra Fluhrer is conducting research at the University of Berkeley, supported by a Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Here she describes why she is able to benefit from her stay abroad despite difficult circumstances during the pandemic.

  • Three women of different nationalities
    © Getty Images/Ridofranz
    © Getty Images/Ridofranz

    A joint stand against right-wing extremism

    ‘We’re reclaiming our country’, is a battle cry of modern right-wing populism in Europe. What would happen if right-wing populists were to form a government? And what can democratic civil society do to oppose that? DAAD alumni from Germany, Austria and Hungary addressed these issues in an online EU Ideas Lab.

  • SDG Ziel 11: Nachhaltige Städte und Gemeinden
    SDG Ziel 13: Maßnahmen zum Klimaschutz
    SDG Ziel 4: Hochwertige Bildung
    Trees in a forest grow towards the sky
    © Getty Images/conceptualmotion
    © Getty Images/conceptualmotion

    Why reclaiming a sustainable world is not a pipe-dream

    The COVID-19 pandemic struck us when the world entered the last decade of action to attain global sustainable development goals. There is a setback, but there is hope to get back on track. We must invest in the youth as they can be change-makers with their natural inclination towards diversity, inclusion and justice.